About Us

Catwalk Clothing is a UK based fashion hub which aims to evoke customers individuality and spark influence across a range of media. We have both in-store and online shopping portals through which we aim to utilise our customers everyday fashion and lifestyle needs. We pride ourselves in having charisma, character and ultimate sass!

We aim to.... 

INSPIRE - We want to inspire women across the world to dare to express themselves through means of clothes, we are here to help you unleash your inner #CATWALKQUEEN!

LEAD - We believe here at catwalk that we can lead you in the right direction for all of your fashion needs, we aim to be an ambassador for our customers and understand the importance of outstanding service to them.

CONNECT - We want to connect with as many customers and influencers as possible in order to create an elite, well rounded and BUZZING fashion community which all of our CATWALKQUEENS can be a part of!