University survival guide!

University survival guide!

Here at Catwalk HQ we know how many mistakes you can make when moving to university and starting your first semester. So we’ve put together a list of things to do and not to do just to help you along the way!

1. Packing- packing can be stressful when moving out, and you’re gonna wanna take all the clothes in your wardrobe (even the ones you haven’t worn in 2 years), however try to take ones you know you’ll wear, as wardrobes in halls are never big enough to fit everything in.

2. Personalisation- make sure you personalise your room as much as you can, cause sticking up pictures of your family and friends, hanging cute fairy lights and lots of blankets are gonna give you so much comfort when you’re spending the day hungover in bed (not cute).

3. Friends- try to make as many friends as you can during freshers week! You’re probably not gonna stay in touch with them all, but you may find the bestie that helps you out with your library all-nighters!

4. Freebies- going to the freshers fair can be very overwhelming at first, but never say no to a free goodie bag or a free slice of pizza (this is a good day), cause students love anything free!

5. Discounts– the best thing about being a student is the student discount, so don’t be afraid to ask around and sign up to unidays. Cause who doesn’t love a free Maccies cheeseburger or 15% off of your Catwalk order.

6. Washing- we never realised how much hard work washing your clothes is, therefore try to get as much wear out of an outfit as you can! Washing powder is precious and expensive (sorry mum)!

7. Food Shopping- try to think wisely when food shopping, we know, its hard not to buy the 3 packets of biscuits that are on offer. But try to buy foods you know you can freeze and microwave another day (pasta will become your bestfriend)!

8. Take lots of pictures- nothing will sum up your university experience more than looking back at drunken selfies and messy flat pictures, disposables are even more fun!

We hope all of our catwalk queens becoming students have the time of their lives, whilst still slayin’ with our discount!

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