Top 5 Rom Coms for Valentine's Day

Top 5 Rom Coms for Valentine's Day

Whether you're spending Valentines with your boyf, your girls or just you and your dog we have pulled out our favourite Rom Coms to get you laughing or crying or even both. 

Bridget Jones


Even if some of us don't like to admit it we've all had a Bridget Jones moment in our lives! One of the most relatable characters, you know if your feeling down about your love life to have a Bridget Jones marathon and you'll soon feel better. As we all know even Bridget Jones has a happy ending in the end so just play the waiting game. If Bridget can do it so can you!


Is your BBF getting married? Or recently got a new boyf? Or even worse looking like they have a new BFF? Shocker!!! Well this is the film for you. It will have you in stitches. She has all the right intentions but doesn't ever seem to get it right with her BFF or crush and we've all been there.  

The Notebook

In need of a good cry? Well grab a box of tissue as this will most certainly pull on those heart strings. A love story you cannot beat you will be routing for this couple the whole way even if her stupid parents say otherwise. This film will make you want to fall in love for sure!

Pretty Women

Arrggg the classic!!! If you haven't seen this what have you been doing with you life? An easy to watch film staring the amazing Julia Roberts. Do i have to say anymore? She starts off living it low working on the street to make a living yet her luck turns around when Richard Gere (Edward) comes round and sweeps her off her feet living in this penthouse apartment and even gives her money to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. What a dream!

Crazy, Stupid Love 

Shall i just let the GIF do the talking cos WOW! Boyfriend or no boyfriend this is a must watch just to see Ryan Gosling take is top off multiple times. I cant even concentrate writing this with that replaying! But on a serious note now this film will show you how even if you've recently had a divorce and you think your love life is over you can still get out there like you are 18 all over again. Nothings ever too late! 

A film for everyone whether your celebrating Valentines or Galentines on Feb 14th. Grab your duvet, a box of chocolates and either a hot drink or a glass (bottle) of prosecco and away you go. Make sure you have a good one!

Love Catwalk x


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