Our Love Island Finale Survival Guide

Our Love Island Finale Survival Guide

I know gals, we don’t wanna talk about it either but it’s true tonight is the final of Love Island is on tonight and we don’t know what’s going to get us through the rest of summer until towie starts again!

To make the end a lil more bearable, we’ve put together your love island finale survival guided!


1.Make sure you’ve decided what your takeaway of choice will be before 9pm tonight…we all already know it’s gotta be pizza but for the sake of the survival guide   


2.There’s only one way to watch Love Island and that’s in your comfiest pj’s, so get them on pronto gals cause the finale aint waiting for no one

3.Have all your friends are round be 7:30 or 8 at latest so you can all cast your votes on the app and come to a group decision to agree to disagree on who should be Queen and King of the villa


4.Can everyone please be respectful and have their phones on silent, we need to treasure every last moment until next year

5.At least one person needs their phone fully charged to be checking twitter/instagram/facebook constantly for the latest string of Love Island related memes

6.You’re gonna get thirsty as the finale is on until 10:45 so make sure you’ve got yourself the biggest glass of wine you can possibly find…we know it’s a work night but we all need something to take the edge of loosing our three fave couples off our televisions


7.Finally, all the last thing you need is a box of tissues for all those emotional montages ITV2 has ready for us

We can all get through the end together gals and remember we always have the reunion show next Sunday

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